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Ready to go from surviving to thriving? Not sure if coaching is the way to get there? Try this quiz to find out!

Answer YES or NO to the below.

   1. I want to grow and use my talents in a way that ignites me, but I’m just feeling kinda stuck.

   2. I’m not even sure what really excites me, but I know there’s got to be more than this.

   3. I want to feel more inspired and happy, but I struggle with negative and self-defeating thoughts.

   4. I keep sabotaging the goals and plans I’ve set for myself. I just can’t seem to get into action.

   5. I sometimes feel I don’t have a purpose and have trouble identifying what really matters in my life.

   6. I have recently undergone a major life change and wish I had a guide to help me during the transition.

   7. I am overwhelmed by my emotions and wish I had greater clarity about my situation.

If you answered “YES” to more than three of the above, you could benefit from coaching!


Q. What makes C2C coaching different?

A. Our coaching...

  • Is informed by the science and theory of positive psychology.
  • Focuses on individual strengths, awareness and use.
  • Utilizes scientifically proven assessments and interventions - activities to apply in your real life to help you with whatever you are working on outside of the coaching sessions.
  • Acknowledges and explores both positive AND negative emotions with curiosity to discover what it can teach you.

Q. How does coaching differ from therapy?

A. Someone experiencing compulsion, addiction, obsessive-compulsive behaviour or depression may be a candidate for therapy. A psychiatrist is a trained medical professional who prescribes medications and manages ongoing treatment. A coach is not a medical professional, but rather a guide, helping you work through personal or professional challenges. Coaches help determine what might be holding you back by identifying self-defeating behaviours or thoughts. Coaches help see solutions you may not have otherwise considered when grappling with a challenge or problem. How does this all happen? By asking powerful questions, using assessments and interventions and by constantly assessing your progress.

Q. Will working with a coach solve all my problems?

A. A coach will help YOU solve YOUR own problems! A coach works to peel back the layers of a challenge or problem to reveal hidden thoughts or beliefs that may be contributing to a feeling, action or behaviour. Coaches are just the guides though - it's you actually doing all the work! Coaches facilitate the process of self-discovery and inner growth, but it's you who comes to the conclusions and discoveries deciding ultimately what to do with them. Powerful questions and interventions aid this process.

Like we said, are you ready to go from surviving to thriving?

Source: Stella Grizont and Robert Biswas-Diener

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